Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason briefly touches on the "over-entitled" investor as he reveals that getting properties for 'free' is a thing of the past.

He also welcomes back to the show Joseph Brown of Heresy financial as they discuss the global conflicts, the emotional detachment of Americans from these events, and the potential dangers of policymakers' decisions. They highlighted the role of profit in perpetuating war and concluded with a cautionary note about the potential for ongoing conflict if war remains profitable. They also discussed the philosophy of 'packaged commodities' investment, arguing that investing in real estate with subsidized financing and tax benefits can be more profitable than investing in commodities directly. They noted the potential for increased capital flow and immigration into the US due to economic devastation and war around the world. Additionally, they advised investing in scarce resources, with a preference for those at the end product stage. Joseph expressed his long-standing optimism on residential real estate and predicted that prices would continue to rise. Jason emphasized the need to consider the housing market in a global context, noting that American real estate remains relatively affordable compared to many other countries. They concluded that the key factor in the housing market is the balance between the number of people needing housing and the number of available places to live.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:43 Meme: the over-entitled investor

Joe Brown interview

6:50 Extreme profits in a world in chaos 

11:14 Pushing the prices of resources higher

14:38 Packaged commodities investing and wealth creation and destruction

18:04 Action steps and the great American real estate market

22:43 Bullish on residential real estate with data to prove it

27:59 Chart on mortgage currently on property




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