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Jason welcomes returning guest Martin Armstrong, an undiscovered economist known for his brilliance. He also discusses last year's unexpected real estate appreciation, debunking crash predictions. Jason emphasizes the multi-dimensional benefits of income property, contrasting it with misleading comparisons to stock market returns. Leveraging a $350,000 house with 6.6% appreciation, he illustrates a 33% return on investment with just a 20% down payment. He also promotes the upcoming Empowered Investor Cruise and Baselane, a banking platform for real estate investors. Overall, it explores economic insights and practical investment strategies.

Jason welcomes back guest Martin Armstrong, a renowned economic forecaster. The conversation touches on Armstrong's background, experiences in the financial industry, and his computer-driven approach to analysis. Armstrong's economic confidence model predicts a peak on May 7th, signaling a shift towards a recession, civil unrest, and international conflicts into 2028. He emphasizes the significant role of the U.S. as a consumer-based economy and the global demand for American products, asserting that despite challenges, the U.S. dollar remains a strong reserve currency. Armstrong also discusses economic dynamics in Europe, Japan, and China.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s editorial

1:30 We've got Martin Armstrong today

2:16 Early bird rates expires soon! Join the Empowered Investors cruise 

3:17 Chart: Case-Shiller: National House Price Index Up

7:15 Quickie Napkin Math


Martin Armstrong interview

12:27 A historic overview by Martin Armstrong and the currencies

17:31 Data driven approach 

21:11 Economic Confidence Model

22:02 May 7, 2024: save the date

25:22 The past 10 years and what it means to us now

30:49 The future is... stagflation and Inflation

35:33 CBDCs and big tech



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