Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman introduces his new Apple Vision Pro goggles and discusses their incredible technology. He highlights the intuitive software, virtual keyboard, and compares it to the futuristic computing seen in the movie Minority Report. While expressing amazement at the technology, Hartman mentions the heavy weight of the goggles and his preference to wait for version 2. He then shifts to discussing the optimistic Fannie Mae prediction of mortgage rates dipping below 6%, foreseeing a significant increase in home sales and improved affordability. He also invites you to join the Empowered Investor Cruise and talks about the benefits of joining as a pro member.

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Jason then welcomes Brian Domitrovic. Brian is associated with the Laffer organization, discusses the influential Laffer curve and its role in the Reagan revolution and supply-side economics. The Laffer curve illustrates the correlation between tax rates and revenues. Brian emphasizes its historical significance, touching on its introduction during the Gerald Ford presidency. The conversation explores the tax history of the United States, its implications during the Great Depression, and the transformative impact of tax rate cuts on economic growth and job creation. He also delves into the intricate relationship between tax policies and real estate investments. For more insights, visit and

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:30 Jason showing his "Apple Vision Pro" goggles

5:31 Fannie Mae optimistic and 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage forecast

6:13 Chart: Existing home sales 

7:19 Chart: Buying power and sensitivity

8:43 Chart: Total inventory for sale

10:12 Join the Empowered Investor Cruise

Brian Dmitrievich interview

12:13 The mythology of the Laffer curve

14:27 A radical idea at the time

15:48 The reality of marginal tax rates vs. actual tax

18:22 Supply side and trickle down economics and thermo-dynamic rush

21:07 Big company offshoring profits and not giving back to the American economy

23:45 Property taxes and the Great Depression

26:29 Book: Taxes Have Consequences, The FED and the tax code

30:37 The real estate tax code

32:27 Tax sheltering for the top 1% earners in the US

34:56 JFK, LBJ and Reagan

37:53 Government, get out of the way!



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