Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Doug today about portfolio makeovers. After you've purchased your properties, it's important not to let your equity get lazy. Hear from Doug and Jason about how to figure out if you're ready to utilize the equity that's in your investments. Also, don't forget to enter the Meet the Masters YouTube contest for a chance at a free ticket to Meet the Masters or a $500 cash allowance for your trip!

Then Jason talks with Rohit Talwar, founder of Fast Future Publishing and author of A Very Human Future, about what we can do about the large companies who seem to be in a winner take all society, how life and body hacking are going to change the world, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] Your return on investment declines as you start getting lazy money in your investments

[6:19] When Cap Rates can actually be helpful in single family investing

Rohit Talwar Interview:

[13:27] What is value?

[20:30] The 4 views people have of companies like Facebook and Google

[24:06] 3 types of exponential thinking

[28:24] Rohit's example of pooled insurance

[33:08] What are we going to do with the people who are displaced by technology?

[36:13] Body hacking may give us advantages in areas that won't matter in the future due to automation

[37:37] What we need to change in order to have a more optimistic future


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