Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Bill Tatro is an economist and is a former radio show host of It's All About Money. This is Bill's second time on the Creating Wealth show and Jason catches up with him on what's new in the economy. Bill talks on Gen Y's disinterest in golf and tennis, Gen Y being more money savvy than their parents, and much more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Jason has finally moved to California. 

[3:10] The first event for Venture Alliance starts this Friday evening in San Diego. 

[4:30] Jason introduces Bill Tatro to the show. 

[5:15] Gen Y doesn't seem to be interested in golf. 

[10:20] How does golf and tennis work in a Keynesian world? 

[14:15] Millennials understand finance. 

[18:45] Why will a Keynesian system end in war? 

[25:00] People are just not spending money right now. 

[26:35] The only way out of debt is through inflation. 

[30:00] Most retirees have to sell their assets to create an income stream. 

[34:55] Barrack Obama has succeeded in destroying the middle class and having more people become dependent on the government. 


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