Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Orlando is more than Disney, it’s a well rounded city. There are major medical companies investing in the surrounding area. There are also basics to the State of Florida which make it a good place to invest. It offers asset protection, has no income tax for its residents and is pro-business and pro-landlord. This hybrid market is ripe and when the real estate market there corrects itself investment properties will appreciate to their proper values. 


Early Bird pricing is now available for January’s Meet the Masters event in SoCal. 


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:10] An app Jason likes which tells him about the humidity he doesn’t like

[5:15] Meet the Masters event in January 9 & 10, 2016 - save the date 

[6:41] Florida is a no income tax state and it’s asset protection friendly

[7:08] Tampa, Florida may be under rated but the market is too expensive

[8:06] The biggest cities with the highest foreclosure rate 

[9:17] Land contracts in Grand Rapids, Michigan, owning notes means less responsibility

[11:18] Congratulations Russell for developing the life you want! 

[13:01] The 2nd Venture Alliance trip coming up in Newport, Rhode Island 


Orlando Local Market Specialist Interview:

[18:23] Foreclosures allow you to go cash flow positive in Orlando

[19:14] Market basics for achieving cash flow and appreciation

[22:38] Judicial foreclosure states versus non judicial foreclosure states

[23:31] Removing the supply drives the price upwards and eliminates cash flow properties

[25:30] Buying below replacement costs in Orlando 

[26:59] Las Vegas may be a massively over speculated, natural growth was needed

[28:29] Large companies are investing in Orlando 

[30:31] Everybody knows Orlando, Florida - It’s more than Disney

[33:51] Separating the Orlando market from other markets 

[35:48] The right team, great deals are available and it’s landlord friendly

[37:30] Our management team was built for investors by investors

[39:31] Nobody wants an eviction but if it happens our group does it well 

[43:20] Making the right choice in the real estate market - look 10 years in either direction




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