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The emerging middle class is a billion strong and they are driving the new economy. If new businesses and entrepreneurs wish to stay in the game they will need to embrace the changing business landscape. They should throw out the old business plan and start with a noble cause, one which connects people with something no other company is able to connect them to. Legacy brands find themselves fighting for a piece of the new consumer.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:30] Orlando Property Tour and Creative Wealth Seminar

[2:32] Early 2016 Venture Alliance trip to Dubai

[3:56] Message from Jeff about the Venture Alliance Rhode Island trip

[6:10] Rich Dad advisor writer Garrett Sutton speaking at the next Meet the Masters

[6:53] Upcoming shows

John Sculley Guest Interview:

[10:13] Unprecedented growth of company’s who talk directly with consumers

[11:38] Democratizing the economy

[12:44] Famous brands have their backs against the wall

[13:54] Our changing workplace

[15:28] Steve Jobs appreciated the Pepsi Challenge

[18:37] The experience expectation

[19:05] Consumer businesses John is working in

[21:01] $129 for an Obi Worldphone

[22:58] The legacy business plan is dead

[24:44] Why have a noble cause

[26:35] The new world middle class

[28:36] A customer plan using common sense

[30:30] How to contact Mr. Sculley




Venture Alliance Mastermind

Garrett Sutton


Obi Worldphone


Sculley Speaks

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