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It’s impossible to predict which way the market will turn with any amount of certainty. But there are safeguards in place for you to invest your money into proven outlets. The main investment you should consider is the most historically proven asset class, income property. Financial planners won’t suggest it and Certified Public Accountants may not know key factors to assessing your risk. A real estate investment group may be the only entity you can turn to when you want to make a solid investment.


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Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:26] Fernando discovers he probably should have purchased auctioned homes in Florida

[9:10] Don’t spend so much time on individual properties

[10:46] Florida had a lot of properties for sale

[12:33] Judicial foreclosure markets have a slower market discovery

[13:36] No one can predict what the market is going to do

[15:40] An example of one of the properties

[16:53] Phoenix gets too expensive

[22:34] We hope to see you on the Orlando Property Tour & Meet the Masters


Jeff Barnes Guest Interview:

[24:17] There is a wide array of qualified retirement plans

[25:52] Two tax codes, Business & Employee

[27:57] Real Estate investors want to grow their money tax deferred

[32:13] Diversification of income property inside of your retirement plan

[34:28] Proving your transactions to the IRS

[36:56] Many consumers don’t know how to invest

[39:01] Becoming equity partners as a passive investor

[41:45] Use the same strategies as bank, a hard money lender

[44:26] To succeed, maintain control

[45:08] Jeff’s Wall Street history

[49:10] A certified financial planner isn’t trained in the #1 historically proven asset class

[53:48] Wall Street has countless outlets for investment information

[55:21] 30% of corporate profits in the U.S. come from financial services industry



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The Ultimate Guide for Self Directed Investing & Retirement Planning

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