Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Have you ever considered lending your money to receive a better than average return? The opportunity now exists through our organization for you to become a hard money lender. Jason explains some widely used financial terms and how they apply to the residential real estate market. And, updates on the Orlando Property Tour, the upcoming Meet the Masters and the Venture Alliance trip to Dubai.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:44] What exactly is a convertible ARM?

[3:57] We have special connections with commercial lenders who finance residential real estate

[6:19] Residential properties have desirable financing

[8:12] Explaining the Cost of Funds Index (COFI)

[10:50] Jason just purchased 2 Tesla cars, 1 “X” and 1 “S”

[15:11] The formula for calculating adjustable rate loans

[17:51] What is a bridge loan and how is it used?

[18:18] Becoming a hard money lender is available through our organization

[21:32] The Orlando Property Tour is just about full

[22:02] Meet the Masters in La Hoya, California in early January

[22:46] Venture Alliance Mastermind in Dubai in February

[24:11] Jason loves his Fitbit - Charge HR




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