Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Based on current political and economic conditions your personal wealth could be at risk. Paul Mladjenovic of The Raving Capitalist shares his tips for weathering the upcoming economic storm, which he expects to make landfall in 12-18 months. He advises in favor of creating a home based business and diversifying your current asset portfolio. He warns people who have their assets in undiversified portfolios or in stocks which don’t satisfy a human need may find their financial futures devastated because of current government actions and policies.


Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:42] Being anxious about speaking in front of 2000 people

[3:21] 4 mentors who changed Jason’s life

[3:46] Stress - the good and the bad

[5:18] “Stress comes from not doing the things you know you need to do”

[6:20] Being in the flow

[7:38] Getting leverage in the 3 primary areas of life - Business, Biology & Investing

[9:47] Who is willing to take on this affirmation?

[12:40] The Orlando Property Tour is coming up this weekend

[13:20] Meet the Masters of Income Property in San Diego - Early Bird pricing

[13:57] The Venture Alliance in Dubai


Paul Mladjenovic Guest Interview:

[15:30] Observing how government policy affects the economy

[16:44] 30-years as a CFP has helped me to understand how the economy works

[18:07] Communism basically micromanages every aspect of the economy

[21:55] Government-sponsored agencies Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae sold bad loans to Wall Street

[25:00] The current financial outlook is grim, Paul says it will be devastating

[27:33] Portfolios have too much debt in them and pensions are underfunded

[30:23] What should people do to protect themselves from this catastrophe?

[33:01] Launch a home based business for diversification

[34:37] Real estate investments trusts to mitigate the downside of the market

[39:20] Run away from mega-expensive coaching programs

[40:45] Short-term investing is financial gambling

[43:45] What happened to the King of Long term investing, Warren Buffett?

[47:35] Becoming self-sufficient is the way to weather the upcoming economic storm

[50:45] Will the U.S. dollar continue to be the reserve currency?

[52:00] Gold & Silver has outlived paper currencies

[55:36] Gold is a portable asset and should be a portion of your diversification



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