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The Birmingham market offers a whole new level of real estate investing. The possibility of owning two properties for what you might pay for one in other markets gives investors twice the opportunity and a bigger portfolio. If your property is listed as Section 8 eligible you are almost guaranteed a rent check every month. The city of Birmingham is focused on re-inventing itself by revitalizing the downtown area. The ROI on these investment properties is just too good to miss.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:56] Who is skipping Flashback Friday? Jason calls you out

[5:34] Kari weeds through the local market specialists

[11:11] We make local market specialists go through hoops to do business with us

[16:35] Possible new projects in Phoenix, Charlotte, St. Louis, Dallas and Austin 

[22:10] Property Tracker and Property Evaluator help you evaluate real estate deals

[24:07] Be sure to sign up for the Salt Lake City, Utah JHU Live event in March


Birmingham Profile from Chris:

[25:13] Controlling a physical asset is a big draw to real estate investing

[26:22] The cost of living and barrier to entry in Birmingham is lower than other markets

[27:57] The city of Birmingham has been investing to revitalize the city

[29:56] Getting the right contractors and property manager is the key to acquisitions

[32:47] Vetting property managers and holding them accountable

[36:15] Section 8 investment properties are an almost guaranteed rent check

[38:40] ROI on many properties in Birmingham are above 40%

[42:19] Qualifications and customizations for target rehab properties

[46:53] Home warranties generally don’t apply to our level of investors



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