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A presidential candidate's health is extremely important considering how presidents of the past have aged prematurely during their time in office. If Hillary is exhibiting current health issues, what condition will she be in four years from now? Her health is just one of the many reasons Jason’s guest, Author Edward Klein, says we should vote to ensure she does not end up in the White House again, this time as POTUS. Hillary is constantly getting caught in unethical activities and somehow escapes prosecution. She may be creating smaller scandals to distract us, the American public, from her illegal activities which are on a much larger scale.


Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Jason is still in Dubai for the Ad-Venture Alliance trip

[4:30] Be on the right side of the commodities which are consumed

[7:13] Don’t miss JHU Live on March 12th in Salt Lake City, Utah

[9:00] The looming asset shortage

[13:16] The wealthy class continues to grow

[15:09] It’s an amazing time to be alive

[18:54] Meet the Masters online course


Edward Klein Guest Interview:

[21:30] 60% of people relate the word liar to Hillary Clinton

[22:25] Democrats either think you hate women or you are blind to Hillary’s qualities

[23:46] Will Hillary be brought to justice for the private email server in her basement?

[28:33] Unlikeable includes some unethical and illegal examples Hillary’s indiscretions

[29:52] Bernie is putting up a hell of a fight but he’s a communist

[31:05] Hillary’s health is an additional issue to consider

[32:52] We get the government we are willing to tolerate

[34:00] Contact Edward at sign up for his confidential

[34:38] Trump represents the insurrection to save Americans



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