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Today Jason takes a deep dive into "Market Statistics," based on information from our friends at Altos Research. There will also be an upcoming episode next week with Mike Simonsen, founder of Altos Research wherein Jason discusses more about today's topic.

You can also view the video at Jason's YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Market statistics

[2:17] A national perspective

[3:50] The rabbit hole of a seller's market

[5:15] Housing Shortage and MSAs- Metropolitan Statistical Areas

[7:39] A misleading index

[9:35] Beware which data you are using

[11:21] A look at a few of the markets we like: Jacksonville

[13:58] Segmenting the markets

[15:46] Memphis

[16:23] Ocala, Florida

[16:37] Birmingham

[16:53] National inventory on housing market

[18:51] An economy built on a house of cards

[20:14] Shifting to the renter pool

[22:35] Ashley: Why high inflation is still a threat to rich countries


Mike Simonsen of Altos Research


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