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Will the housing market continue its hot streak in 2022? This is the question Jason is addressing today as he looks at data to see where the market is heading. He also analyzes income versus home prices, and more. 

And we continue with part 2 of Jason's interview with Mike Simonsen, founder of Altos Research as they talk about real estate, after adjusting for inflation and interest rates, is cheap; and with low inventory and high demand, things are only getting better for the rental market; mortgage rates being tempered by a recession and look at local data on Ocala and Jacksonville Florida.

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Key takeaways:

[1:46] What the media will have you believe- Data: Income versus increasing home value

[3:25] Burns Single-Family Rent Index: Rents are soaring!

[4:17] A Hot Streaking Housing market in 2022? Data: Median Days on Market

[7:00] Absolute frenzy, managing expectations and a free economy

[9:24] Unnatural interest rates in a centrally managed economy

[10:44] With record low inventory, home prices will remain high in the coming year

[12:12] Real Trends article: all cash transactions under scrutiny of Biden administration

Part 2 of the Mike Simonsen Interview

[15:40] Inventory is only a third of normal and the millennials up coming housing demand

[18:31] Price reduction national trends on single family homes

[22:15] Local trends for price reduction

[25:38] Median days on market, active market single family homes

[27:33] Local data on our markets- Ocala, Florida

[32:57] Subprime loans in San Jose and Silicon Valley CA

[34:48] Data on Jacksonville, Florida

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All real estate is local- Jason Hartman

In real estate, the high end of the market may be behaving differently than the low end- Mike Simonsen, Altos Research


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Burns Single-Family Rent Index

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