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Today Jason is headed to Houston to speak at Rebel Capitalist LIVE with George Gammon. But before he goes, Jason talks to Ed Brady of the Home Builders Institute about the building industry and its peripheral issues like housing and labor shortages, mortgage rates, and some of the challenges they are facing. He also has one of his many predictions involving home owners with super low mortgages rates and the price of construction materials.

He also gives some staggering numbers: nearly 40% of homes in the US are PAID OFF! The average home has had a 57% increase in equity- year on year! How does that affect you? Find out on today's episode!

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Key Takeaways:

2:13 Predictions delayed, predictions half-baked

3:38 A foretaste of things to come

5:19 Increase in equity year on year

7:49 Homeowners and hoarders, renovations BOOM

9:18 A housing bear, reflexivity and George Soros

11:16 Off to Houston for Rebel Capitalist LIVE

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14:49 Welcome Ed Brady

15:56 The problem with affordability

18:54 Aging construction workers

21:04 Manufactured Homes

25:00 Solving the labor shortage

28:18 COVID related problems, a breakdown

30:10 Affordability problem

33:54 Financing homes, credit scores and the racial disparities

37:11 Home ownership is not for all, income property is

38:51 FICO and financial literacy and COVID


The Millennial generation has been called the "BOOMERANG generation"- Jason Hartman

We need to expand opportunities for training and labor- Ed Brady


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