Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason gives us a brief report on his trip to Dallas. He then talks about Elon Musk's tax views on the rich and that we should be taking advantage of our tax code through his Refi Till Ya Die strategy! 

And the hypocrisy of creating environmental-friendly measures in a Coldplay concert is insane! And join Jason at Jacksonville, Florida for the Wholesaling Workshop! Go to

And for today's 10th episode, join Jason as he welcomes Steven Pesavento of VonFinch Capital as they discuss the 5 SUCCESS PRINCIPLES FOR INVESTORS.

After deciding to take the leap into real estate investing, Steven listened to every podcast, book, mentor, and speaker he could find. He needed to learn everything he could, as fast as he could.  He still does that to this day.

Within the first two and a half years his team bought 200+ properties in multiple states, renovated nearly 100 properties, and have been entrusted with over $12 million of investor capital delivering consistent returns.

Their focus is the Multifamily Real Estate space.  This is where they make the biggest impact working with high-income earners and assisting them in creating passive wealth and cash flow.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:32 10th Episode- 5 Success principles of an Investor

2:17 A week of speaking engagements, and an invite to the Wholesaling mentoring event; go to

3:56 Elon Musk and Jason's "Refi 'Till Ya Die" strategy

7:29 Environmental Hypocrisy in a Coldplay concert 

13:34 Construction costs experienced the largest spike since 1970

15:04 A leap in logic about the housing shortage

16:04 Raffle winners for the week! Pls go to to claim your prize!

17:18 Join us at Jacksonville, Florida for the Wholesaling Workshop! Go to

Steven Pesavento interview

19:04 Steven and the 5 Success Principles for Investor

19:53 How these principles came about

22:42 First success principle: View challenges as opportinities

26:05 Second success principle:  be ultra-focused

28:41 Third & fourth success principles: Be very clear on what you want and why you want it

33:49 Fifth success principle: Align yourself with great coaches, mentors and partners

37:22 Buying luck- joining a Mastermind 


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