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Recently returned from a whirlwind speaking tour, join Jason Hartman as he gives you the latest on inflation: the topic of the year. Actually, more like the biggest problem of our lifetime as it rages across the globe, inflating the cost of living up to 70% in some countries around the world. Are we living through an inflation pandemic? Or is it an inflation PLANDEMIC? What other inflationary pressures are waiting in the wings?

Go ahead! You can make fun of Jason's haircut! Compared to what? Compared to a year ago, he did have more hair! :)

Today, Jason challenges all listeners about his claim- that income property is the most historically proven asset class in the world! A successful business could, but those need a ton of work!

He also invites everyone to join the rebranded Empowered Investor Pro! Lots of connections, education, tools and bonuses to be had! Go to today! Furthermore, Jason shares what's going on in Turkey's economy and how strong the American brand and its currency is till today! He also shares his speech at a convention in Plano, Texas!

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:26 Yes, you can make fun of my haircut!

2:46 A challenge to Jason's claim about income property

4:04 Coco in Dallas and the 'cutting room floor'

4:35 The cost of living is up almost 70% in some countries

6:40 The world’s inflation pandemic - or is it an inflation PLANDEMIC?

7:52 Empowered Investor Pro Community Meeting. Join us via

10:26 Chart: Unemployment and the labor force participation rates

12:12 The Dollar in decline- WRONG! It is still the reserved currency of the world

14:02 Raffle winners!

Jason's presentation at Plano Texas

15:33 How many of you think there is a housing bubble?

17:11 The 2008 Great Recession 

21:27 Inflation is a good thing for us as real estate investors

23:15 Elon Musk: we need more people

24:46 A YouTuber’s view on the Foreclosure Moratorium

25:51 False timeline comparison - waiting to time the market

29:01 New construction homes and canceled builder contracts 

31:27 Last year, the average homeowner gained over $57,000 in equity 

34:30 Looming housing shortage and why it’s about to get worse

36:14 Always ask: compared to what?



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