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Jason Hartman is back today to talk you through today’s most important issues in real estate investing and economic policy. Will the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act actually reduce inflation in the here and now, or are special interest groups taking advantage of our economic crisis, as usual? Altos Research releases their prediction for end-of-year housing inventory numbers and the FTC is fining Opendoor Labs Inc. for its deceptive trade practices, more specifically, using misleading and deceptive information that led sellers to believe that they could make more money selling their home to Opendoor, than on the open market using the traditional home sale process.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting to become an income property investor, the time is now despite the media sensationalizing the possibility of a housing market crash. Reach out to our investment counselors at 1-800-HARTMAN, get the facts and join our Empowered Investor Pro Community. Let us show you why the time is now to start investing in income property: the most tax favored asset class in America!

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, episode 1882

1:26 Inflation Reduction Act

3:41 Tax Foundation report: economic impact of act will increase revenue $300 billion

5:19 Currency is a commodity

5:48 Most basic law of economics: supply and demand

8:16 Wednesday’s Empowered Investor Pro meeting: 1031 Exchange

8:58 Join us at

9:35 Latest housing inventory statistics from Altos Research

10:57 What do you think about the Inflation Reduction Act?

13:02 Altos Research prediction for end of year housing inventory levels

15:39 Existing home sales have outperformed gold, cryptocurrencies and the S&P 500

17:57 Inflation induced debt destruction

19:01 Wisdom from Winston Churchill

20:38 BlackRock believes in income property - so should you

21:39 How federal rates have affected the market historically

22:57 The Federal Trade Commission is fining Opendoor Labs Inc. for its deceptive trade practices

25:55 Reach out to us at or call 1-800-HARTMAN to learn more about the Empowered Investor Pro Community



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