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Inflation is a business plan - don’t forget it! Take advantage of the exact same business plan that governments and central banks all around the world are using by Jason Hartman’s signature technique - inflation induced debt destruction. 

The world's pool of negative yielding debt has decreased to a seven year low, as the era of exceptionally loose monetary policy is drawing to a close in the world’s major economies. The total stock of negative yielding debt was reported at $2.4 trillion last week according to Bloomberg Barclays Index, indicating an 87% reduction. The days of global central banks seeking to prop up economies by slashing rates and buying large quantities of bonds are over. 

Jason highlights some important factors in the global economy for you to keep in mind in a discussion by geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan and warns against the continuous overreach of big tech companies in our lives, including suppression of information to the public and data privacy breaches. 

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show Episode 1888

1:46 Entitled investors wave goodbye to negative yielding debt

3:19 Fighting a potential recession 

5:00 Inflation is a business plan - take advantage 

8:18 Global central banks become huge bond buyers 

10:23 Is the real estate market collapsing? 

11:51 No one is talking about rents

13:42 Empowered Investor Pro - join today! 

15:36 Peter Zeihan on inflation 

17:20 Geopolitical perspective - fertilizer and food shortage

20:13 Demographic problems in the United States

21:30 Euro/dollar parity

22:46 European inflation is extremely high

23:35 Amazon purchased iRobot

25:24 Big tech is surveilling our homes 

26:31 Mark Zuckerburg suppressed information at the behest of the FBI

28:00 The world is run by corporations


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