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To our American listeners, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

To view the charts that Jason cites, be sure to catch the video on his YouTube channel.

Today Jason talks about turkey inflation, deflation and shares a Wall Street Journal article which confirms what Jason has been saying all along- because of higher interest rates, builder contracts cancellations will rise which means home buyers will be priced out of the market and will instead opt to rent. And that means less competition for tenants which means good news for home investors! And don't make the mistake of using the 'plandemic' years as a benchmark when reading the chart! That was an anomaly; a fluke! 

He also talks about how renters' income not catching up to housing costs, the slowing down of the apartment market, REITs or Real Estate Investment Trust and much more!

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Spending time with family on a cruise!

1:55 Talking turkey Inflation

4:32 A few deflationary signs in our economy

5:13 Investor Home Purchases Drop 30% as Rising Rates, High Prices Cool Housing Market

7:31 Chart: Investor homes purchases, quarterly

9:25 What does this mean overall? Less competition for renters equals good news for investors

11:27 Redfin chart: Fewer rentals equals higher rents!

14:33 Lower rental inventory

15:43 Renters' incomes haven't caught up to housing costs

19:49 Apartment market slowdown continues

23:34 Apartment REIT same-store new-lease rent growth change

29:03 Altos Research: Total Inventory Homes for Sale - US Single Family

31:00 Sample property pro forma in Alabama

34:49 T.I.N.A - S & P, Nasdaq, Crypto?



Inflation is the most powerful method of wealth redistribution used throughout history- much more powerful than taxation." Jason Hartman


Article by The Wall Street Journal: Investor Home Purchases Drop 30% as Rising Rates, High Prices Cool Housing Market

Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction


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