Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

It has been said that "the most important conversation we will ever have is with ourselves." So, let's make some positive declarations as we begin the New Year! "Live long and prosper!" as Spock would say. And catch this episode's CHARTS in Jason's  YouTube channel along with much more educational content. Remember, there is a massive shortage of entry-level housing in the market today, which will drive up the price of your rental properties!

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Key Takeaways:

1:29 Practicing affirmations in the new year

3:54 Say these with me!

7:48 Chart: Month's supply exhibits recent increases across all price tiers

10:23 If you think I'm mistaken, prove me wrong!

11:26 Replay: Watch out for the link to the Empowered Investor Pro Zoom meeting with Rich Dad Tax Advisor Tom Wheelwright

12:04 Chart: US New One Family Houses Months of Supply NSA

13:43 Chart: US Labor Market Remains Strong

17:27 Get your tickets to the EMPOWERED INVESTOR LIVE conference happening in Scottsdale, Arizona TODAY!



"The most important conversation we will ever have is with ourselves." - Jason Hartman

"Live long and prosper!" - Mr. Spock of Star Trek



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