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In today's 10th episode show, Jason talks to Michael Wilkerson, author of the book "Why America Matters- The Case for a New Exceptionalism" by Michael Wilkerson. 

Why America Matters confronts the most challenging questions facing the nation today…and points the way towards an American Renaissance.

Who are we? Where are we going? And why are we so divided? Why America Matters addresses these questions and argues that the place Americans call home is worth fighting for. The widely held belief of past generations—that America is special, with an extraordinary role to play in the world—remains true, but has been undermined by external adversaries, internal contradictions, and weakness of vision.

Why America Matters reveals how the nation faces four crises: extraordinary circumstances, confused identity, corrupt institutions, and inept policy engagement. The idea of America is under attack, yet many of our wounds are self-inflicted. Powerful forces within our country—hostile to the ideals of America—seem to be winning. These agents seek to rewrite America’s history, undermine its institutions, and silence those who don’t agree. All the while, America’s foreign adversaries prey on our divisions and weaknesses.


Key Takeaways:

1:59 Welcome Michael Wilkerson

2:21 Is America truly an 'exceptional' country

3:54 Hollywood- former promoter of American values

5:54 Worldwide influence and the current self-loathing 

7:45 Comparing cultures in the past and the revolutionary thought of equality for all men

9:31 Using the freedoms of America to propagate socialist ideas

11:48 Brainwashing institutions- censorship and the absence of healthy debate

13:50 Major turning points

15:48 Where do we go from here

19:30 The rise of the surveillance state

22:14 The difference between the old and new exceptionalism

25:13 Inflation, the hidden tax and the CP "Lie"

31:36 Inflation effects on the elderly



"This greater transparency, will lead to accountability; that's the path forward." - Michael Wilkerson

"We've seen the failures of globalism- open markets, open borders." - Michael Wilkerson






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