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Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan. But due to demographic issues, Japan might not be a country for long. This is one of Jason's morbid fascinations... countries in a demographic "cliff" like many countries in Europe, Russia and China!

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Today Jason welcomes Lyn Alden. Lyn provides tens of thousands of investors per month with research, information, and tools to help them build wealth and reach financial freedom.

Some of her content is aimed at new investors, while the most of her topical articles are aimed at more experienced investors. Her research services cater to institutional investors and sophisticated retail investors.

Visit to view some of her core articles, in various sections:

  • Building Wealth (Beginner)
  • Investing Basics (Beginner)
  • Investing Strategy (Intermediate)
  • Global Macro Topics (Experienced)

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:28 Greetings from Tokyo, Japan, land of the "setting sun" with its problems with demographics

4:17 Introducing our guest today, Lyn Alden

5:11 NAHB affordability index

7:34 Low Affordability = More Renters

8:36 Positive jobs report sends mortgage rates higher

10:16 Mortgage Delinquencies Increased Slightly from Record Lows

12:09 Barring major events happening, there is no sign of a housing crash

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Lyn Alden interview

13:53 Welcome Lyn Alden

14:42 A shift towards structural inflation

17:38 Charts: A Century of US Debt as a % of GDP and A Century of US Monetary and Fiscal Policy

21:58 War spending or real spending building the country and people

24:56 Investing during the covid era

27:21 Actions steps for investors to thrive in this environment

32:09 The issue with buy backs

34:27 Money safety in the banks and creating entities for asset protection

38:47 The linear and cyclical housing markets

40:53 Chart: Number of mortgages by interest rate

42:03 A soft economy and sensitive sectors like tech

45:13 Overfunded companies and the burden of reality and the classic bad investment cycle

48:51 Shadow inflation, undercharging and the realignment of the markets

52:17 Prepare for another round of inflation





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