Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In unprecedented news- a former US president has been arrested on criminal charges. So today, Jason talks about how the powers that be are "wagging the dog," how we as investors could benefit from the fear of the attack on the US dollar as the reserved currency of the world through his patented Inflation Induced Debt Destruction and seize the tremendous opportunities available in the housing market!

You are also invited to join, it's Mentoring Program and social network where they do a deep dive into single-family home investing. Jason also talks about asset protection and estate planning. To find out more go to  today!

Jason also finishes his talk with Tobias Peter, Director of research at the American Enterprise Institute's Housing Center in which they discuss the FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium, the government's complicit role in today's housing shortage and much more.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s editorial

1:40 Wagging the dog: Trump attack and supplanting the dollar as the world's reserved currency

4:37 American influence and benefitting from Inflation Induced Debt Destruction

6:51 Tremendous opportunities for investors right now are fantastic

7:48 "Financial innovations:" Fractional investing and NFTs

12:32 Join the, it's Mentoring Program and social network

15:31 Asset protection and estate planning- Corp or LLC; Trust or FLP Go to

16:04 Multi-billion dollar agent commission case

Tobias Peter interview

20:12 Matt Taibbi and The Great Bubble Machine

20:48 FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) cut will expose taxpayers to increased default risk

22:47 The government and it's policies- hurting the consumer more

24:34 How do we increase housing supply nationwide

25:27 Housing shortage is closer to 22 million homes

31:59 The federal government should get out of the way



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