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It's episode 1985 which means we are 15 episodes short of our 2,000th episode! Got any ideas for us? Please comment or send us a message at 

Today we are finishing up on our talk with Roger Khoury by sampling charts of institutional builders like D.R. Horton, American Home Builders, Invitation homes, KB homes and Lennar. Roger also talks about creating "peaceful profits" through Demand Imbalance Arbitrage™ by limiting your risk exposure but not your profits. You can take Roger's mini course at where he talks about the 4 C's that make his method stand out: consistency, control, confidence and clarity.

But before that Jason talks about how divorce affects the housing market and how 25% of all mortgages in the country are at or below 3% interest and about 65% of mortgages are at or below 4% interest and these people have around 28 to 29 years left on their mortgages. They will be very hesitant to part with these properties. 

And make sure to protect your assets. Go to And back by popular demand, watch the replay to our 100% Financing Program. Just go to PLUS  Ron Legrand's Rent-To-Own Lease option Program is coming so stay tuned for that!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:26 We are almost at our 2,000th episode!

2:13 Get counseling, not a divorce

5:53 Corporatocracy and discontent- seeing life through social media

9:10 Cuba announces surprise reversal of US dollar deposit ban

11:39 Repercussions of the dollar losing its reserved currency status

12:17 Congratulations to my attorneys on winning a $55 million award for my case

14:34 Losing 3,200 units to foreclosure- signs of trouble for the multi-family market

16:34 US banks and uninsured deposits. Protect your assets- go to

19:13 A $1.5 Trillion wall of debt is looming for US commercial properties

20:01 Two quick things: 100% Financing and Ron Legrand's Rent-to-own lease option program

23:23 Demand Imbalance Arbitrage

Roger Khoury interview part 2

23:40 A deeper analysis of the Chart: D.R. Horton (continued)

25:12 DIY investing: teaching one to fish

26:31 Bearish in D.R. Horton stock

29:03 A look at the institutional landlord American Home Builders

31:53 Chart: Invitation Homes

33:14 Chart: KB Homes and Lennar home builders

34:00 Limiting exposure through Demand Imbalance Arbitrage

34:54 Chart: S & P, a look at the broader economy 

35:13 Exposing only 2% of your investment

37:04 Responding to the adage "You can't time the market"



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