Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason recently spoke at the Rebel Capitalist Live event in Orlando, Florida. He was joined by a number of great speakers, including Simon Black, Robert Kiyasaki, Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff and George Gammon. He shared some of his presentation and also mentioned the Collective Mastermind group he runs with Ken Mcelroy, Robert Kiyasaki and George Gammon. The group is meeting in Nashville in a few days and they've decided to allow people to attend just one event as a sample. 

Jason is also offering a one-time discount of one fourth of the membership fee for those interested in joining. He is also offering a Zoom meeting to discuss their very special 4.7, 5% financing for investment properties, including the option of 100% financing. This low rate, as well as the 100% financing, is a great option for those who want to take advantage of inflation and step destruction as a wealth-building strategy. 

He then discusses the current market, noting that most of the market has become brand new builder homes in terms of buying investment properties, instead of buying renovated properties from fix and flippers. This is due to the fact that people don't want to sell their properties as they have ultra low mortgage rates. He also mentions that new builds come with a premium on the price, but most people prefer them anyway. In conclusion, the market is locked up and it is difficult to buy a renovated property from a fix and flipper.

He also discusses the real estate market and how resilient it is. He makes the point that with mortgage payments having increased by almost 70%, prices have still held up. He also mentions that the supply of properties is very low, as people are unwilling to sell due to their low rate mortgages. He then talks about a headline from Housing Wire which states that home prices are inching up, despite difficult affordability. He also mentions a headline from Guild Mortgage, which states that they faced a $37 million loss in the first quarter due to high mortgage rates and low inventory levels. He finishes by saying that mortgage companies feel that rates are high and it is hard to get people to qualify for loans.

Key Takeaways:

01:23 A Recap of Rebel Capitalist Live with Jason Hartman
02:31 The Collective Mastermind and Low-Interest Financing Options for Investment Properties
05:30 Benefits of Investing in New Build Properties
09:02 Real Estate Market Resilience and Mortgage Business Challenges
12:03 The Impact of Low Inventory on the Housing Market
16:03 The Relationship Between Housing Affordability and Rental Market Booms
18:03 Analysis of Rental Market During and After the Great Recession
19:40 Analysis of Short-Term Rental Market and its Impact on Housing Prices
21:29 The Impact of Non-Primary Beds on the Housing Market
24:13 Discussion on Adjusting Expectations in Real Estate Markets
28:31 Understanding the Power of Investment Property



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