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Michael Zuber talks to Jason about the housing market and the potential for a housing crash. Jason provides insights into why a housing crash hasn't occurred so far, emphasizing the need for millions of distressed sellers as a key ingredient for a crash. He also mentions that people who predict crashes often lack a comprehensive understanding of economic cycles and are influenced by past traumatic events like the 2007-2008 housing crash.

Additionally, the conversation touches on unemployment and its potential impact on the housing market, with Jason arguing that banks are more likely to work with homeowners than rush to foreclose, especially if they have substantial equity in their properties. The discussion also briefly mentions the role of technology companies in the economy and the concept of leveraging in real estate.

Overall, the conversation focuses on the factors affecting the housing market's stability and the likelihood of a housing crash, with a critical view of those who sensationalize such predictions for personal gain.

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Key Takeaways:

1:29 Packaged Commodities Investments are doing very well

3:00 Why the housing market hasn't crashed just yet

5:56 The ONE ingredient one MUST have for a housing crash and profiles of a Crash bro

8:21 Don't be lazy; study more than one recession

10:16 Very low inventory plus unemployment and it's insurance

15:45 Median monthly mortgage payment & number of mortgages by interest rate and foreclosure timelines

19:39 Altos Research inventory numbers

23:38 Drop in activity- not north of 6M homes for a decade

25:58 The FED looks like it's forcing a recession

32:43 A crystal ball on rate cuts and book recommendation

35:49 Jobs growth and some thoughts on the future of the economy



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