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Greetings again from Florianopolis, Brazil. Today, Jason encourages you to take advantage of his company's "Complete Solutions for Real Estate Investing" program.

Then he and Joseph Brown finish up their conversation, exploring various economic factors, including housing and government borrowing. They touch on how housing is currently insulated from potential economic downturns due to low mortgage rates, particularly for the majority of homeowners with rates below 5%. This leads to an analysis of the inverted yield curve, traditionally seen as a recession predictor, but Joseph suggests it may not impact the housing market significantly. He explains that households are less likely to walk away from their homes and will prioritize other debts when facing financial difficulties. Furthermore, the gig economy and non-traditional employment options are becoming more prominent, making it easier for people to generate income, though the IRS is now actively tracking such income sources. Overall, the discussion emphasizes the resilience of the housing market in the face of broader economic challenges.


Key Takeaways:

1:25 Take advantage of Jason Hartman's "Complete Solutions for Real Estate Investing" program

Joe Brown interview Part 2

2:22 US residential mortgage charts

4:10 Chart: Housing production, units available vs. population

6:21 The 6 year millennial lag and shadow demand

9:25 Stepping into the housing market vs staying out of it 

13:38 The Reverse Repo Facility

18:29 The inverted yield curve and the housing market

21:14 The jobs market and the gig economy



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