Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason examines the impact of interest rate hikes on the housing market and invites listeners to register for the upcoming 'Empowered Investor Live Cruise' event.

Jason also finishes his talk with real estate expert Michael Zuber.

In part 2, Michael predicts a potential shift in the real estate market, highlighting factors like increased mortgage rates and decreased affordability. He emphasizes a slowdown in transaction volume, making it easier to find motivated sellers. Zuber advocates for strategic real estate investment, focusing on opportunities created by market dynamics. The conversation delves into the impact on rentals, with a focus on the growing rental market due to declining homeownership rates. Michael also addresses challenges in the housing market, suggesting a prolonged period of broken affordability and the need for time to restore balance.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

2:54 Lowest affordability in 40 years

4:10 National Payment-to-Income ratio

5:29 No problem!

10:27 Join the Empowered Investor cruise

Michael Zuber interview

11:14 No one's moving in 'cause it's just too expensive

13:27 Transaction volume to go even lower

21:29 California and ADU's

26:17 Fixing the housing market problem- is time

27:41 One property at a time- just get started

28:51 Techniques and advise 




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