Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

From Dallas, Texas, Jason discusses mortgage equity growth, emphasizing responsible lending and increased homeowner equity. He notes a significant rise in home values and stable mortgage underwriting standards post-Great Recession. Analyzing credit score trends, he highlights a decline in low-score mortgage originations, indicating a healthier market. Additionally, he attributes job growth to demographic shifts, foreseeing a prolonged labor shortage and sustained wage increases. Lastly, he promotes an upcoming investor cruise. Hartman's insights provide valuable perspectives on the real estate market and economic trends, fostering informed investment decisions.

Then Jason and Curtis Moe discuss Curt's journey to wealth through real estate. Curt shares his experiences with self-management, property maintenance, and insurance claims. They also talked about the importance of discipline and strategic investment in real estate, emphasizing the idea of building wealth through base hits rather than home runs. Jason and Curt also highlight the power of momentum and consistency in business and life.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:44 Jason in a large Dallas hotel room

2:37 Mortgage holders gained $1.6 trillion in equity in 2023

4:50 Low credit scores originations

8:06 The US economy in 2024 

10:24 Register for our Empowered Investor Cruise. Early bird rates ends TODAY.

Curtis Moe interview

10:54 Curtis' first property and insurance claims

14:41 Self-management and the support of Empowered Investor Pro

16:58 Downsizing life and exhibiting financial maturity 

19:00 Graduating from the "Dave Ramsey" school 

20:34 Rewarding yourself a little bit along the way

22:12 Income property- having security after getting laid off

23:51 The Property Tracker & Evaluator app

25:33 Momentum and building wealth one house at a time

30:17 Mentors and influences to Curt's mindset



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