Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Steven Thomas is with us today to share some market data that will help us gain better insights into what’s happening and what we should be doing to ensure profitability in today’s market. We are talking about inventory status, rental market conditions, and how the recent changes are going to affect you as a real estate investor.

Listen now to stay updated on trends in the real estate market so you can plan ahead!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[00:00] Introduction

[02:25] What is the right way to think about real estate investing?

[05:02] How are inventory numbers doing today?

[10:11] What will happen if inventory continues to increase at this rate?

[14:55] What was the market like in 2015?

[18:28] Who is Steven Thomas?

[19:30] Why are people hesitating to let go of their properties?

[21:55] Have we ever been in a market like we have today?

[22:50] How long will the impact of inflation affect the market?

[27:54] Will mobile mortgages be implemented soon? 

[29:07] What will the CPI be like in the coming years?

[33:07] How is inflation affecting society today?

[36:23] Why is the model for supply and demand broken?

[38:33] What markets are seeing inventory catching up to pre-COVID levels?

[39:48] What will happen to wages in this high-inflation economy?

[41:10] What should we be expecting to happen in the market?

[43:50] What makes the current condition of the market different?

[45:01] Why should people focus more on rental properties?

[48:50] How can you reach out to Steven?

[49:05] The Collective Mastermind Group


“Income doesn’t mean you have a ton of positive cash flow because hopefully, you’re using leverage on your properties. It just simply means that the asset is producing income to pay debts for you.”

“It’s not necessarily that many people are not ready to make a move, it’s just that they don’t want to because it’s so cost-prohibitive and when it gets this cost-prohibitive, they may not be in love with their home, but they’re in love with their loan.”

“The new underwriting has become so strict that the homeowners have good credit scores, they have low interest rates, 40% of loans in the country are paid off.”

“Overall, rents make the deal work and people, I really think should be more focused on that rental income than the housing prices because our people are not flipping these houses – they’re buying them and holding them for long-term income.”

“Income properties are pretty darn stable and the income component is quite reliable.”


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