Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

We are in a serious inflationary spiral right now and as real estate investors, we need to understand that the effects we are seeing and experiencing vary from one market to another. 


Listen to this episode to learn more about what these factors are, what’s really going on, and what we should be expecting in the months to come!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

01:11 What is the NAR saying about home prices?

03:23 What are new home builders experiencing today?

07:58 How can you see what’s really happening in different markets?

09:50 What news do we have on Wall Street and the crypto market?

11:10 What is the importance of investing directly?

14:06 How can income properties save your money?

15:56 Should the government continue getting involved in the rental market?

17:46 What are the bubble possibilities in different markets today?

21:40 What is the Hartman Comparison Index?

24:59 What are the 3 types of markets in the country?

30:20 What are the dogs that aren’t barking today?

33:35 What does housing inventory look like today in the US?

36:50 Why is it unlikely that a crash will happen soon?

40:58 Are we in a similar situation as the recession in 2008?

43:45 What can you compare real estate values with?

48:48 What happened to the economy during COVID?

51:33 Why should you be careful with your comparisons?

54:58 What makes the CPI misleading?

57:38 Where can you find the real inflation numbers?

01:01:36 Why do we feel like housing prices are unreasonable?

01:04:16 Does house pricing really matter?

01:06:12 What does affordability have to do with the rental market?




“With income property, you’re going to make money and even if you don’t, even if you breakeven, at least you’re not gonna lose.” - Jason Hartman


“The game of real estate, as we all know for a season, is that over time, the prices are going to be higher than they are today.” - Jason Hartman


“People are so myopic because they are making bad comparisons. They’re comparing things to the way they were a year or two years ago, that is not the right comparison.” - Jason Hartman


“Anything in the world can be valued by 2 things – utility and scarcity.” - Jason Hartman


“The thing you always need to understand is that rents lag prices by a good 2 years, maybe really 3 years or more, it depends where.” - Jason Hartman




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