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Business Real Talk- Content Marketing & Sales Innovation Without the BS

Apr 18, 2023

You’re pouring your heart and soul into marketing your business so that you can ultimately sign more clients and transform lives. But right now it feels like you’re packing on the value and people are still slow to buy (if buying at all). In this episode Nas will show you how this basic psychological principle can be infused into your marketing and sales process so you turn leads into buyers from the first click>

This is the final episode in this 4 part series on developing a scalable sales system.

Get your notes ready because we’re bringing it all together! 

In this episode Nas will cover:

• Why you’re marketing is setting you up for “freebie seekers” who go elsewhere to buy

• How “Classical Conditioning” sets you up for yeses from the first click

• The step by step approach for getting your audience learning to say yes from the first time they meet you


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