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May 16, 2023

Does it feel like you have to constantly come up with new content? And maybe you’re using a marketing strategy that leaves you constantly trying to “fill up space” with more content, more offers, and more stuff.

Well in part 3 of the Disrupt Series, Nas is sharing why you shouldn’t shut up, and the power behind using repetition in your marketing to sign more clients and quickly gain authority in any industry.

But repetition isn’t about copy and pasting content again and again, that’s a recipe for bringing your audience to tears from boredom. We’ll look at how to use ‘Angled Repetition’ to create a consistent message and marketing WITHOUT feeling like you’re boring your audience.

In this episode Nas will cover:

• The power of repetition and how the biggest and greatest disruptors of all time have leveraged the power of repetition to skyrocket their success

• How to use Repetition as a Disruption Strategy in gaining authority and notoriety quickly and effectively 

• The formula for creating ‘Angled Repetition’ that shares a repeatable message with your audience while creating the same excitement as the first time they met you


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