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Business Real Talk- Content Marketing & Sales Innovation Without the BS

Nov 29, 2023

Tired of feeling like you’re selling your soul to get people to buy? Hearing objections or hesitations from clients when all you want is to help them, wondering why they STILL aren’t buying?

The reality is, your marketing strategy should be removing all hesitation in your buying process. Do it right and people show up in your inbox or on calls so ready to buy, they say yes before you start talking.


In this episode Nas Echeverria shares:

•  How to reverse the psychological process of buying so you can understand the art of the EASY Yes

• Why giving too much information is killing the sale, and how to share the right information to make it an easy yes

• How Value Consciousness plays a role in removing hesitations and why you can’t be the mediocre business person if you want to win

• How to develop multi-layered trust in your marketing 


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