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Business Real Talk- Content Marketing & Sales Innovation Without the BS

May 14, 2024

Want more high paying clients who buy without hesitation or convincing? The answer isn’t in the basic content marketing tactics everyone is shelling out on the internet. Speaking to high value, high intent clients requires an understanding of the psychology of attraction and understanding buying intent psychology so you attract premium clients.

We’ll cover how to create content marketing that speaks to ideal clients without using high pressure sales tactics, running expensive ads, another webinar or  low ticket offer, but focusing on the secret psychology behind your messaging that generates high quality leads who actively buy.

In this episode Nas will cover:

• Understanding the High Intent Buying DNA that targets the ready buyers sitting on your list or in your audience (the hidden 100k strategy of untapped leads)

• How desire based marketing allows you to find committed and ready buyers who do the work and are willing to pay handsomely for the right solution WITHOUT pain points and struggle language

• Understanding the “known needs” of high intent buyers and why TIME plays a major factor in their buying process

• The secret psychology of active buyers that speaks to their action state, and makes your solution crystal clear to their needs

• How this Momentum Messaging Strategy eliminates unready or unqualified buyers that clogs up your pipeline, and makes saying yes to you, the only logical solution

You’ll learn how to apply this messaging strategy in your social media content marketing, and create a client acquisition strategy that focuses on high intent ready buyers. 


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