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Business Real Talk- Content Marketing & Sales Innovation Without the BS

May 28, 2024

Looking to accelerate your business growth with the right support? It’s not just about finding any coach or strategist but ensuring they fit your specific needs and accurately diagnose your business challenges.


In this episode of 'Business Real Talk,' we’ll cover:

Identifying the Right Support: Understand common pitfalls when hiring coaches or strategists and how to avoid them. Accurate problem diagnosis is crucial for effective support.

Strategists vs. Coaches: Learn the differences between business strategists and coaches. Discover the strategic approaches needed to identify and solve fundamental business issues.

Setting and Achieving Goals: Get practical steps for determining your specific business goals, diagnosing the right problems, and selecting the appropriate support systems.

Diagnostic Tools and Services: Explore a variety of diagnostic tools and services available to help you in this vital process.

With real-world examples and actionable advice, this episode will guide you in finding the right support to drive your business growth effectively. Don’t miss out on these insights to ensure your business thrives with the right strategies and support systems in place.


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