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Business Real Talk- Content Marketing & Sales Innovation Without the BS

Jun 12, 2024

We all want to hear more, yeses, (amiright)? But creating a sales call process that doesn’t book out your calendar or use slimy “high pressure” tactics, can feel daunting.

What if there was a sales technique that would easily allow you to convert more sales calls AND create mega believers who rave about you all from a single sales call?

In this episode of 'Business Real Talk,' we’ll cover:

The Inverted Yes Formula: Discover a unique method that transformed dreaded sales calls into successful conversations. Learn how this formula can dramatically increase your conversion rates and client satisfaction.

Pre-Selling Process: Understand the importance of the pre-selling process and how to set the stage for a successful sales call.

Empowered Decision Spaces: Learn how to create spaces where clients feel empowered to make decisions, ensuring a mutual fit between client and service provider.

Human Connections in High-Ticket Sales: Explore the significance of building genuine connections and why high-pressure tactics often backfire.

Sustainable Client Acquisition: Get practical strategies to build a sustainable business by refining your sales approach and acquiring clients mindfully.


Tags: sales calls, sales call conversion, sales call process, sales call techniques, sales call tips


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