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Kari's Confessions

Dec 3, 2023

In this episode of "Kari's Confessions," Kari Anderson, dives deep into the crucial topic of Fund Development Planning. As we navigate the complexities of budget cycles in the fall season, Kari emphasizes the importance of aligning revenue generation with organizational missions. She concisely breaks down what Fund Development Planning truly entails, going beyond mere fundraising to strategy development and donor engagement. Kari also highlights the critical role of board involvement in this process, ensuring board buy-in and support. With her expertise, Kari transforms the often-daunting task of fund development into an approachable and strategic endeavor, essential for the sustainability of any nonprofit organization.

Key Episode Takeaways

  • Understanding the essence and strategy behind Fund Development Planning.
  • The significance of planning in diversifying revenue streams and making informed decisions.
  • The importance of board members and specific committees in the planning process.
  • Insight into setting goals, measuring results, and engaging in effective fundraising.
  • Tips on creating a robust Fund Development Plan, aligning it with the organization's mission and vision.

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