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Sams Disney Diary

Dec 3, 2017

Since 2011, Disneyland guests have been treated to the daily “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade”. The afternoon and sometime nighttime parade is led by none other than Mickey Mouse himself with his syncopated drum line. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade travels from Town Square to It’s a Small World with the direction alternating every day.

Mickey is followed by troops or energetic dancers, musicians and many of his friends. It’s a music celebration… Come on, come on, come on; Strike up the band. Feel the beat. What a great sensation. Come on, come on, come on; Move and clap your hands. Get into the spirit. Let everyone hear it. So come on, come on Soundsational. Whoa, whoa - hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa - hey, hey!

The history of parades at Disneyland can be traced all the way back to opening day in 1955 – and Mickey’s Soundsational represents the latest. For more details, check out the blog here and at, the podcast and of course… The Disney Nerds Podcast.