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Sams Disney Diary

Dec 20, 2017

Last year for Christmas I focused on the current, SamsDisneyDiary 12 days of Christmas, featuring 12 different Disney parks’ Christmas events covering Florida and California parks.  This year, we are going back in time.   Back 30 years to be exact, to the 1987 Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Day Parade.   Originally aired 30 years ago on Christmas morning, the concept was very similar to today; a preview of what’s new at Walt Disney World and what to expect in the next few years. 

A 90 minute long commercial so to speak.   And in 1987, it was the dawn of the Michael Eisner “Disney Decade”, the beginning of a massive decade long expansion of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. 

Get more details at look for Episode #101.

I don’t know about you, but I love looking back at these time capsules; a look into the parks, what’s new, what’s on the horizon some of which made it and some that didn’t.  It’s also interesting that after 30 years, the conversation continues.  While we watch this year’s Christmas day “parade” (if you want to call it a parade), the conversation will be centered on the new ToyStoryland, opening in 2018 and Star Wars Galaxy Edge opening in 2019.

1987 marked the 5th annual Christmas day parade from Walt Disney World originally airing on Christmas day 1987.  I hope you enjoy this look back 30 years as much as I did.

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