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Sams Disney Diary

Dec 29, 2017

Maps of the Disney Parks – A 143-page hardcover book from Disney Editions that traces the history of Disney Parks through maps, but not your standard park map. The book features: concept art, maps for things that never happened, attraction maps providing a real history lesson of Disney Parks. From the pre-opening day, original concepts of Disneyland and the latest concept maps, “Maps of the Disney Parks” is a Disney historian must have reference. From maps of Tom Sawyer Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, to preview maps of Nature’s Wonderland, EPCOT Center and Typhoon Lagoon, I can spend the better part of the day just looking at the details. 

My recent purchase reminded me of the D23 Expo 2017 Breakout Session of the same title, a session I circled early on as a must do at the conference. Little did I know that this session would be Marty Sklar’s second to last public appearance; excusing himself toward the end of the session so he could prepare for the Legends of Imagineering ceremony (Full content in SamsDisneyDiary #94), his final public appearance.

The panel included Vanessa Hunt, Imagineer and the Curator of the Disney Archives Art Library, including about 130,000 pieces of original art. She is also the curator credited with all of the art work in the book, and Co-Author of the Disney Attractions Poster book. Marty Sklar, Imagineering Ambassador, Disney Legend and an attendee with first-hand knowledge of the opening of every Disney Park. The panel also included some details on Sam McKim who was credited with many original Disney maps, his son Matt McKim, who is currently a Disney Imagineer, joined the panel.  

From souvenir maps, fun maps, land maps, parks maps in the US and abroad in Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, the panel covered the history of the maps adding additional information on the fly.   The session included maps that did not make the book, and some on the fly explanations from Marty as to why some original maps are gone. That’s really what makes these D23 Breakout Sessions so special, and why I love the D23 Expo.

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