Disney and Pixar Did That? Advertisements and Animated Commercials –– Join archivists and research specialists from across The Walt Disney Company who help to oversee Disney and Pixar historical collections as they share with you rarely seen advertising campaigns and animated commercials spanning from the 1930s to Pixar’s efforts of the 1990s. Through artwork, film clips, and stories behind some of the familiar, yet no-so familiar projects, learn about a little-known aspect of the creative history of Disney and Pixar while gaining new perspectives on the productions and products themselves.

The panelists included:
• Elizabeth Spatz, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Archives
• Kevin M. Kern, Walt Disney Archives
• Fox Carney, Animation Research Library (ARL)
• Christine Freeman, Pixar Living Archives

Each bringing wonderful insight directly from the Archive they represent. Along with interesting trivia like: Tinker Bell advertised the first commercially available glass jar with a screw top lid? It’s true, Tinker Bell was featured in the Peter Pan Peanut Butter commercials. Did you know Timothy Mouse and Dumbo touted the comfort and easy ride of the Hudson Hornet v8, new for 1956? Turns out, those Hudson Hornet ads also featured an image of Snow-White driving with Happy in the passenger seat – FOUND IT!!!