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Sams Disney Diary

Dec 30, 2018

What does the Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure (March 2008 – August 2017), the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade at WDW Hollywood Studios (January 2011 – April 2013), and the Pixar Play Parade “Pixar Fest Edition” Disneyland (April 2018 - November 2018) all have in common?  I’ll give you 5, 4, 3, 2…. FUN.

Yes, they are all Disney/Pixar parades… AND they all share the same soundtrack.  “Welcome to our world of play. Come on, it’s time to celebrate…. everyone countdown to fun, yea… 5, 4, 3, 2, Fun...”.  While they share the same soundtrack and mostly the same characters, they don’t share the same floats.  In fact, the parade itself is much different between the Florida and California versions.  California Adventure used floats that featured water jets that would shoot water into the crowds, while most of the floats at WDW Hollywood Studios were recycled from the Block Party Bash from disneyland(March 14, 2008 – January 2011).  Block Party Bash itself was more of a traveling stage show than a parade, and it was recycled from the Disneyland version which was part of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary running from May 2005 – January 2008.  So, a block party designed for Disneyland’s 50th went to Hollywood Studios as a block party then was revamped into a parade using the same music as a parade in California Adventure and that lives on in various locations today in WDW…  While WDW was recycling and retooling, Disneyland was developing new floats for the DCA parade and moved it to Disneyland as part of Pixar Fest in 2018.  The new floats included Luxo Jr, Up and Inside Out.  The Pixar Fest version of the Pixar Play Parade was a limited time offering during the celebration, providing an opportunity for Mickey’s SoundStation Parade to take a needed maintenance break.

While most Pixar properties appeared in both DCA and HS, the Pixar fest additions: Luxo Jr, Inside Out, and Up (2018) along with Ratatouille (2008-2010) and Cars (2008-2017) only appeared in California.

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