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Sams Disney Diary

Jun 24, 2012

The Star Wars Weekend main stage featured the always popular and daily event finale, “Hyper Space Hoopla”. The Hoopla has been a main stay of Star Wars Weekend and is updated annually with new music and dance routines. Hyperspace Hoopla is a great way to end the day with a whimsical look at the Star Wars universe.

Jun 10, 2012


Walt Disney World – Hollywood Studios – Star Wars Weekend, it just keeps getting bigger every year, and 2012 saw a quantum leap in changes.  Updates this year (2012) include: Hyperspace Hoopla and the Padawan Mind Challenge moved to the “Event Stage”, in front of the Sorcerer Hat.

Event Merchandise relocated...

Jun 3, 2012

As part of the Imagineering Living Character Initiative, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure opened in January 2009; although early game testing and development can be traced back to 2006.

I personally played the game in early 2009, and I can honestly say it is (was) outstanding!!! I know the game had its critics,...