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Sams Disney Diary

Sep 5, 2015

Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary Celebration included some wonderful experiences including our family’s favorite, Disneyland’s all new electrical parade, Paint the Night!!!   

Paint the Night is a remarkable upgrade to the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade.  According to Disney: When the lights go down at The Happiest Place on Earth, that’s when the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration shines most brilliantly, thanks to the all-new Disney Paint the Night Parade!

Watch in wonder as the vivid imagination of Mickey Mouse and his friend Tinker Bell’s enchanted pixie dust paint the night with dazzling Disney dreams, complete with a colorful palette of more than one million glowing lights!
With a wave of his white-gloved hand, Mickey conjures up spectacular Disney visions right before our eyes! Gaze in awe as luminescent floats, costumed performers and beloved Characters from Disney and Pixar stories flow like a shimmering river of neon down Main Street, U.S.A.

Featuring cutting-edge special effects and high-energy music, the Disney Paint the Night Parade is a dazzling after-dark experience beyond anything you’ve ever imagined!

The new parade is an instant family favorite and a perfect sequel to the Main Street Electrical Parade!!  The song, well my little guy has been singing it every day since first seeing the parade, and asking… “Daddy, when can we do that again?”   Seeing is believing!  While I did my best to incorporate 3 camera angles, a video doesn’t do the parade justice.   I hope you have the opportunity to experience the parade yourself, and just maybe, Walt Disney World will bring a similar nighttime parade to Florida’s Magic Kingdom!  Thanks for listening and watching!!!  Don't forget, you can watch the video in the bonus section of the app, at