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Sams Disney Diary

Sep 14, 2017

While Marc’s animation career is well documented, a renewed interest in Marc’s time in the early days of WED has emerged.  With the discovery of some never before seen art work, photographs and attractions that never happened such as Yestermorrow Time Machine, The Fort Wilderness Funhouse, the Garden of Gods and A Silly Symphony attraction, Marc Davis time in Imagineering was a perfect topic for a D23 Expo 2017 panel. 

Who better to lead the discussion than Peter Doctor (Pixar Director) and Christopher Merritt (Disney Imagineer), both of which have interviewed Marc personally and have strong connections to Marcs Wife, and fellow Imagineer, Alice Davis.  The focus of the panel and forthcoming book by Peter and Christopher is Marc’s time in Imagineering.  The panel in its entirety is the subject of SamsDisneyDiary Episode #96.  Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe for all of the latest.