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Sams Disney Diary

Oct 16, 2017

#98: Rockin with the Disneyland Band

The Disneyland Marching Band has been a staple of Disneyland’s Main Street USA since opening day in 1955.   Leading up to Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary in 2015, Disney set out to “Liven up the Band”, and “Reimagine” the Disneyland Band guest experience.  They increased the number of band members to 18 and increased the number of performances throughout the day.  Check your Times Guide.   Just before the 60th Anniversary celebration in 2015, Disneyland announced that the Disneyland Band would be premiering a new sound with new musical arrangements and themed performances along with a high-energy choreography, bringing a new level of entertainment to Disneyland guests.

With all of the 60th Anniversary events, it was easy to miss that announcement.  It took me just about 2 years to catch the full impact!   And boy did I!  On a recent trip, I noticed the Disneyland Band marching from Tomorrowland through the hub toward It’s a Small World.   Naturally, I grabbed my camera and followed along, right behind the legendary Disneyland Band bass drum.   All I can say is, I was absolutely blown away by the performance.  Disney did indeed “Liven up the Band”.  With three unique sets, the band covered Pirates of the Caribbean, Tangled and Star Wars!  I had a front row seat with camera rolling; the perfect location, with It’s a Small World in the distance, the Disneyland Band turned the walkway into their stage.  The chorography was outstanding, with every member of the band giving it their all.  I only hope the video captures the sights and sounds of the Disneyland Band.

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