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Sams Disney Diary

Mar 26, 2022

Located in the Animation Courtyard, Disney Junior Dance Party recently returned to daily entertainment at Disney Hollywood Studios. Show off your dance moves, catch some bubbles and laugh yourself silly at this fun-filled party featuring your favorite Disney Junior Characters and music. Show off your moves, catch bubbles and laugh yourself silly at a fun-filled party featuring favorite Disney Junior Characters and music.

Get in the groove on the dance floor as DJ Deejay gets the celebration started—playing songs you know from the shows you love. Host Finn Fiesta welcomes Disney Junior pals to this star-studded event, and you get to say hello by “spinning” them in: ready, set, twirl!

Now, join Doc McStuffins and cure your dance fever during a fun-filled, feel-good musical number. Fill the room with “Zuka Zama Zum Zum” alongside Timon from The Lion Guard. And get down and boogie with everyone’s favorite vampire girl, Vampirina.

While you shake it up, special guest Mickey Mouse from Mickey and the Roadster Racers is driving in from Hot Dog Hills to join the excitement. The suspense builds as you await his arrival. Can he make it in time to be part of the festivities? Come find out… at a party packed with interactive fun and surprises for kids of all ages!