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Sams Disney Diary

Jan 24, 2021

“Walt Disney always believed that dreams do come true, and this is his living monument to that belief, Disneyland USA. Walt Disney’s Dream comes true, a land of inspiration where yesterday still lives and Tomorrow is already here.” That’s how Disneyland 1968 Television special opened, just 2 years after the passing of Walt Disney. The narrator goes on talking about the brief history of the Orange Grove that turned into Disneyland, in 1955. Since then the park has continued to grow, and this 1968 special is designed to bring us up to date on the latest at Disneyland, so let’s take a tour starting right in the town square. Complete with Audio of Walt describing Mainstreet USA. A theme that’s repeated through the special, it’s a remarkable time capsule into Disneyland attractions in 1968.